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Lancashire Cheese
lancashire cheese

In the picturesque countryside of Lancashire, England, a cheese with a rich history and distinctive flavor profile has been delighting palates for centuries. Lancashire cheese, known for its crumbly texture and robust taste, is a testament to the region's cheese-making heritage and the craftsmanship of its dedicated producers.

Lancashire cheese has its roots deeply embedded in the agricultural traditions of the region. It comes in three main varieties: Creamy, Crumbly, and Tasty. Each variation offers a unique experience for cheese connoisseurs, making Lancashire cheese a versatile and sought-after delight.

Creamy Lancashire: Recognized for its smooth and mild flavor, Creamy Lancashire is a young cheese that undergoes a shorter aging process. Its ivory-colored, close-textured interior makes it an excellent choice for those who prefer a milder cheese.

Crumbly Lancashire: This variety, true to its name, has a crumbly texture that easily breaks apart. With a slightly tangy and more pronounced flavor compared to Creamy Lancashire, it's a favorite for those who appreciate a cheese with character.

Tasty Lancashire: Aged for a more extended period, Tasty Lancashire boasts a robust and complex flavor profile. Its crumbly texture becomes more pronounced, and the cheese develops a richer taste that appeals to aficionados of aged cheeses.

Cheese-Making Process

The production of Lancashire cheese involves time-honored techniques that have been passed down through generations. The cheese is crafted from cow's milk, sourced from the lush pastures of Lancashire. After curdling, the curds are cut, pressed, and then allowed to mature. The length of the maturation period determines the variety of Lancashire cheese produced, with each stage offering a distinct taste experience.

Producers of Lancashire Cheese

Lancashire boasts a number of esteemed producers dedicated to crafting high-quality, authentic Lancashire cheese. Here are some notable names in the Lancashire cheese-making community:

Mrs. Kirkhams –

Butlers Farmhouse –

Dewlay Cheese –

Leagram Organic –

Greenfield Dairy –


Shorrocks Lancashire

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