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7 Bizarre Social Media Food Trends of 2022

It's not secret that social media is the primary way that trends spread these days. With the rise of video-sharing platform TikTok, that has a whopping1.5 billion monthly active users, food trends are permeating through the world faster than ever before.

From suspicious pink sauce to butter boards, 2022 saw some wild social media food ideas. Read on to discover them (in no particular order)!

'Healthy' Coke

Craving a Coke but don't want all the sugar? According to TikTok user @mandyvjones, sparkling water with balsamic vinegar added tastes just like cola. After @mandyvjones's initial video was uploaded in June 2022, thousands of videos of people trying out the health hack swept the internet.

I'm not buying it.

Pink Sauce

Fasten your seatbelts because this one is wild!

In June of 2022, TikTok creator @chef.pii began to tease the release of her bright pink sauce. Marketed as a multi-use dipping sauce, people were instantly intrigued, mostly by the unnatural neon color of the sauce. Chef Pii, whos real name is Veronica Shaw, began taking preorders for the sauce in late June and the purchases came flooding in. She claimed that the sauce contained dragonfruit for color, sunflower seed oil, honey, chili, and garlic.

When customers began receiving their pink sauce in late July was when the sauce really blew up, due to the suspicious circumstances surrounding the sauce. From misspelled ingredients and discrepancies on the nutritional label, rancid smell, differences in the pink color, and the fact that it contained milk and wasn't shipped in refrigeration...people were both intrigued, concerned, and infuriated.

Veronica went on TikTok live to address the rumors, and things really hit the fan when a user asked if the sauce was FDA approved. Veronica seemed confused by the question, and stated that her sauce wasn't a medical product and therefore didn't need to be regulated by the FDA.

The Pink Sauce is now being sold through Dave's Gourmet, and it appears that the label now adheres to FDA nutrition fact guidelines.

Butter Boards

Bread and butter just got more aesthetic ✨ Popularized by TikTok user @justine_snacks, the trend consists of spreading butter on a board in a pretty, scalloped pattern and topping with different herbs and garnishes. Guests can then dip bread and crackers into the beautiful slate of deliciously creamy butter.

Cloud Bread

This fluffy, cloud-like bread was created by TikTok user @linqanaaa and popularized by TikTok user @abimhn's super viral video depicting how to make the recipe.

The cloud bread is made by whisking egg whites, sugar and cornstarch into a thick meringue and then baking it. It looks pretty and fluffy, but I can't imagine it would be good toasted with butter on it. Many commenters on abimhn's video said that they made the recipe and it tasted like egg. I'll stick with my sourdough!

Nacho Tables

Why have a small platter of nachos when you can have an entire table of nachos? Perfect for gatherings, this trend starts by lining a table with aluminum foil. Then, chips are piled on followed by meat, cheese, and other desired toppings.

I just can't stop thinking about how much food would fall off the sides of the table during this nacho party.

Baked Oats

Since eating cake for breakfast isn't socially acceptable--eat baked oats instead! This year, TikTok and Instagram were filled with videos of people baking oatmeal. Many got super creative with it, adding a variety of flavorings and yummy toppings. The result is a delicious yet nutritious breakfast treat with a cake-like exterior and a soft, gooey interior.

Pasta Chips

Whoever decided to put pasta in the air fryer is a genius! From my research, it was TikTok user @feelgoodfoodie. In her video, which has amassed almost 28 million views, she coats cooked pasta in olive oil, cheese, herbs and spices and then puts it in the air fryer. To top it all off, she serves the pasta chips with a delicious whipped feta sauce.

Thousands of videos began to pop up of people recreating the viral recipe. Many users showed themselves eating the chips, and the crunch is incredible. This may be one that I have to try...

The Curd is the Word team is looking forward to seeing what interesting food trends develop in 2023!

Display cover image sources: Table Nachos image by PopSugar. Pink Sauce image by Side Chef. Cloud Bread image by Easy and Delicious.


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