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A TikToker Made Pasta With 512 Eggs!

Homemade pasta recipes are rather easy to make. Really, all you need is flour and eggs, with your measurements depending on how many people you plan to feed.

However, a TikToker has taken homemade pasta making to a whole new level! Rather than make pasta for a set number of people, Ryan Peters has been on a mission to ramp up his ingredients, doubling them each day. His first video in the series was posted on January 31 and shows him making pasta with 1 egg yolk and joking, "This would make 1 single noodle."

Since the first video, Peters has made batches of pasta using two, four, eight, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, and now 512 egg yolks, with the corresponding amounts of flower! Imagine that - Having to separate each and every single egg yolk!

Day 10 of his TikTok series, Ryan Peters made the gigantic batch of pasta using 512 egg yolks. It was such a massive mountain of flour and yolk that he had to push together 2 tables to knead out the dough. He explained in the clip that he had to split the batch into three smaller balls of dough just to make it easier to knead, let alone roll out, cut, and cook.

Once cooked, Peter donates the pasta to homeless shelters and other nonprofits, noting in the caption of his Day 10 video, "This will be able to feed so many people who are hungry. Grateful to be able to make a small impact."

Peters already has plans for making pasta with 1,024 eggs! Be on the lookout. 👀


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