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Big Game Day- Blue Cheese vs Ranch

Ranch photo from Hidden Valley Real Bleu Cheese photo from Cindy's Kitchen

Similar to how the big game day on Sunday evokes passionate responses from people, food can as well.

Today, we're going to tackle the debate of chunky, bold blue cheese vs creamy, tangy ranch. Some people consider blue cheese to taste like feet and cannot fathom dipping their wings into it. Others think it is the most enriching and might even consider people having immature taste buds for choosing ranch over blue.

Real Bleu Cheese photo from Cindy's Kitchen

Cindy's Kitchen carries a chunky Real Bleu Cheese dressing/dip that wins over the hearts of beloved blue cheese enthusiasts. It's a struggle to find good in store brands of blue cheese and a lot of the time it'll be tastier to make a recipe, but Cindy's Kitchen Real Bleu Cheese is a delicious choice. The chunkiness of it is perfect for dipping your overload of game day wings into!

Now, in my big kind heart of mine I cannot share with you just any old regular brand of ranch, I will instead share an amazingly delicious recipe to create your Real own! The brand that everyone knows and loves for ranch is Hidden Valley, but we're gonna be unique and indulge ourselves in a healthier, richer, tastier recipe I discovered through FiveHeartHome's website!

Ingredients include:

- Mayonnaise: A good quality brand goes a long way!

- Sour cream: Regular, low-fat,

or fat-free Homemade Ranch photo from FiveHeartHome

- Buttermilk: Regular milk will work, but buttermilk adds a nice undertone of tang/creaminess

- Parsley & dill: Fresh herbs contribute lovely flavor and color. If you don't have

them, no worries, substitute 1/3 amount of dried herbs!

Apple cider vinegar & Worcestershire sauce: The smallest amount of these ingredients adds a great boost of flavor, don't leave them out!

Garlic powder & onion powder: Fresh garlic and onion may overpower the recipe, powders are the perfect compromise

Salt and freshly-ground black pepper: Allows all the flavors to pop!

Just whisk together the dairy products and blend in the herbs, flavorings, and spices, and you have a perfect dipping sauce for your wings!

In conclusion, blue cheese is a pungent dipping sauce and can overwhelm the palate, for many it is either a love/hate. As for ranch, it is practically used everywhere and is in everyone's kitchen! According to a GrubHub survey, Ranch won the debate with some hilarious responses from Twitter if you're in for a laugh!


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