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Brand Spotlight: Kansom Australia

"Great food is our joy and our passion." - Kansom 1985

A company determined to create the ultimate dining experience, Kansom Australia Pty Ltd is dedicated to pioneering excellence and innovation, offering the highest quality luxury seafood to their customers.

Situated on the edge of the Great Southern Ocean, Kansom Australia has access to one of the last remaining healthy, wild sources of Abalone. This prized shellfish holds a prestigious status throughout Asia and has a rich history with Australian Aborigines who have enjoyed it for thousands of years. Kansom's mission is to bring traditional, culturally significant, and healthful items like Abalone into the 21st century, allowing consumers to partake in the experience of this delicacy. They prioritize providing consumers with a genuine experience, minimizing the use of processing aids or chemicals, emphasizing purity.

Abalone, a top-tier seafood, thrives in pristine, clean marine habitats, where it feeds on the finest oceanic grasses and seaweeds. This results in seafood that is not only exceptionally delicious but also remarkably nutritious. Its nutritional advantages encompass bolstering the immune system, enhancing appetite, promoting eye health, and serving as a valuable nutritional source.

Abalone boasts a rich protein content and a distinctive blend of essential vitamins and minerals, including but not limited to calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, and beta carotene. Remarkably, its fat content remains exceedingly low, and it is virtually devoid of cholesterol.

Contrary to common belief, abalone's cholesterol content is quite low. According to nutritional data from sources such as Calorie Count, USDA, FSANZ, and China's health research institution, abalone's cholesterol levels are significantly lower than those found in king prawns, octopus, and cuttlefish, and are on par with those found in beef, pork, and chicken.

Prepared abalone.
Prepared abalone.

Established in 1985, the company is driven by a commitment to innovation and a deep passion for their craft. They have chosen to redefine the Abalone industry by blending science and technology to create distinctive, premium Abalone products. Kansom's offerings are conveniently prepared and ready to eat, making them suitable for individuals of all culinary skill levels. Kansom has earned a reputation as "The Innovator," with their world's-first commercial "real" Abalone Sauce being just one of their many successful global innovations.

Kansom Australia demands nothing less than the absolute best, but they encourage individuals to experience it for themselves. Once you do, you too will come to expect nothing but the finest from Kansom.

Kansom's delicious Australian Wild Caught Abalone is sustainably harvested by fearless divers locally across Victoria: Apollo Bay, Phillip Island, Queenscliff, Mallacoota, Sorrento, Warrnambool and Wilsons Prom. The Albalone is then brought back to Kansom in Kensington, Melbourne, live and fresh.

Apollo Bay in Australia
Apollo Bay.

Ready to Eat Products

Kansom's products are "Ready to Eat," signifying that the Abalone has been meticulously prepared for the customers' convenience and pleasure. There's no requirement for additional cooking, as any extra cooking would result in a loss of flavor, weight, texture, and nutritional value. The aim is to make Abalone as accessible, delicious, and healthy as possible.

These Ready to Eat Products are available in various forms, including Canned Abalone, Pouch Abalone, and Jar and Canned Sauces, under four distinct brands: Kansom Brand, Sea Sauces, Abalone Craft Beer, and Gold Prince Brand.

Kansom Brand: Kansom Brand Wild Abalone stands out as a unique offering with over three decades of dedication and expertise. Their commitment to food processing science is not about using chemicals; rather, it's about delivering the most natural, chemical-free product for discerning customers who demand nothing but the best. They offer premium and natural Wild Abalone, staying true to nature's intentions.

Sea Sauces: Their gourmet collection of Sea Sauces is crafted from Australian Wild Caught Seafood, ensuring genuine flavor and umami. Unlike flavored or imitation sauces, their Sea Sauces are derived from real seafood, as they believe that terms like "flavored," "flavour," and "flavouring" don't guarantee the use of real ingredients. For instance, an "Abalone Flavour" product isn't required by law to contain any actual Abalone; it could be a blend of various seasonings. Sea Sauces are made from the real deal.

Abalone Craft Beer: They proudly introduce the World's First Abalone Craft Beer range. In collaboration with Red Duck in 2017, they created a unique beer using Wild Caught Australian Abalone. This beer offers a refreshing taste of the sea, suitable for any occasion or palate.

Gold Prince Brand: With a history spanning over three decades, Gold Prince Brand has been faithfully serving its loyal customers with top-quality Abalone products. To this day, they maintain their original and delicious recipes for traditional Abalone products.

Ready to dive into the world of Kansom's exceptional luxury seafood? Click here to find a retailer near you.


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