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  • Lynn

Candy Won’t Rot Your Teeth as Fast as This Common Food…

It is common knowledge that candy and other sugary treats are terrible for your teeth. But, they may not be the worst food for your teeth...

A 2015 article from Montgomery Pediatric Dentistry states that "The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has stated that starchy foods may even be worse for your teeth than candy because of the length of time they stay on teeth long after snacking has ended."

Starchy foods like crackers and chips have a similar effect on the body as sugars and stay lodged in teeth longer than candy does. Processed, starchy foods also contain ingredients that put teeth at greater risk for cavities than candy. These factors make these foods worse for oral health.

chips, pretzels and crackers

There is surely nothing wrong with snacking on crackers or chips in moderation, but make sure to give your teeth a good brushing after eating to prevent cavities!


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