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Brewery Q&A - Cartesian Brewing

Q & A with Evan Roth of Cartesian Brewing, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Cartesian Brewing beers

Q. Tell us a quick history of your brewery:

A. It's been in planning since October 2015. After many years of locating, scouting, fundraising, and construction, we opened October 2021.

Q. How did you get into beer making?

A. Inspired by an interview on NPR's Splendid Table on doing 1 gallon batches in your apartment.

Q. How many different kinds of beer do you produce?

A. We have 10 beers on at all times.

Q. How do you choose which styles of beer to brew?

A. It's a mixture of consumer-driven data, whims, seasonality, and unique ingredients.

Q. What is unique about your beer? What makes them stand out?

A. The ingredients and the rejection of formal styles. We source as many of our ingredients as locally as possible and let them inspire us. Part of that inspiration is to mix flavors and not worry about what rigid, quantifiable style it falls within but rather let it stand on its own qualitative legs.

Q. What is your favorite beer that you produce? Describe its aroma, flavor and appearance:

A. Wide Eyes to Acknowledge is a Belgian-style ale made with local malt. It's a wonderfully balanced beer with notes of fruit and spice from the yeast, and flavors of dried cherries and graham cracker from the Pennsylvania-grown and Pennsylvania-malted grains.

Q. What foods pair well with the beer named in the previous question?

A. Grilled cheese with gouda and caramelized onions.

Q. What can visitors expect when they visit your brewery?

A. An inviting atmosphere with an odd assortment of tables and chairs. A friendly, knowledgeable staff. A cozy back patio.

Q. Where can consumers purchase your products besides at your brewery?

A. Local bars and bottle shops in South Philly.

*Images courtesy of Cartesian Brewing.


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