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Cello Cheese Launches 2 New Summer-Inspired Cheese Flights

Award-winning artisan cheese producer Cello Cheese recently added two new products to their line of Cheese Flights. Cello Breeze and Cello Sunrise were crafted to embody the flavors of summer with their bright and warm tasting notes.

Cello Cheese Flights are designed to take the guesswork out of cheese board preparation by providing cheeses with complementary flavors. Mike Currie, Marketing Director at Schuman Cheese, stated in a press release that, "At Cello, we make it our mission to equip cheese lovers with the products and knowledge that will enhance every eating occasion...We are thrilled to continue offering them even more ways to enjoy cheese through these exciting new flavors and flight pairings."

According to the press release, Cello Breeze is "crafted for the cheese lover with a sense of adventure, the Cello Breeze cheese flight couples Cello's classic English Cheddar with two never-before-released offerings, Cello Blueberry Lemon Fontal and Cello Red Wine Soaked Goat Cheese. Altogether this flight provides an incredible combination of sweet, savory, and nutty flavors." Cello Sunrise is described as "a wealth of sweet yet spice-filled flavors, the Cello Sunrise cheese flight features Cello's Cheddar Gruyere enhanced with roasted red and black peppers, a 10-month aged Asiago, and a classic favorite—the Cello Hand-Rubbed Tuscan Fontal."

In addition to the three expertly-paired cheeses, each package of Cello Cheese Flights has suggestions for wine and beers that are best enjoyed alongside the cheeses. These two new Cheese Flights are available starting this month at Kroger for $12.99. Click here to check out Cello Cheese's other products.


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