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Cheese of the Week: Appenzeller

Each and every Appenzeller Cheese is made with pure, raw cow's milk from cows fed solely on the rich grass and herb mix that is found in the Alpine region known as Alpstein. It's not just the milk, the fresh mountain air, or the secret herbal brine which make Appenzeller Cheese so darn special. The aromatic delicacy is created by a native Swiss company, based on traditional Swiss values!

Appenzeller Silver Label is regularly washed with a secret herbal brine during the maturing process of at least 3 months. The unique brine, that only 2 people know the secret recipe of, brings forth a characteristic taste that cheese lovers around the world do appreciate for over 700 years!

The delicious herb-infused light taste makes this Appenzeller Silver Label great for cooking with and it melts impeccably. Appenzeller Silver Label is the perfect balance between mild and aromatic.

Next up is a surprisingly different and unique experience for your palate. Made with loving care and a long aging period of at least 9 months, Appenzeller Purple Label is a piquant and well-balanced cheese. Truly a creamy and smooth delight that must be experienced to be believed!

The Appenzeller Black Label packs a powerful punch of flavor. It is said that no other Appenzeller than the Black Label represents better the characteristics of the people of its home region in the Alpstein; full of a robust and hearty character that is sometimes a bit sharp but still very well balanced!

As the Black Label ages, the cheesemakers search for the very best wheels and store them in a damp cellar at around 14 degrees Celsius to mature them for at least 6 months. This cheese is a must have for those who love a tasty and tart cheese!

The Alpstein region is shaped by the untouched, rugged power of nature. And that's the taste Appenzeller's secret and unique brine captures! Used to treat and refine Appenzeller Gold Label over a period of 4-5 months, this brine allows it to develop a strong character over time that cheese lovers adore! This mild and tangy cheese is certain to be appreciated.


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