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Cheese of the Week: Celebrity Fresh Goat Cheese

Crafting quality goat's milk products is an art.

Celebrity Goat's mild and tangy goat cheese is blended to be the perfect canvas for an array of artisanal flavor expressions.

Their 100% goat milk cheese logs are hand-rolled in a curated assortment of herbs and preserves for astonishing quality and premium presentation! You'll be proud to serve their famously delicious cheeses and butters, which are made with care not machines. Explore and try Celebrity Goat's many varieties to discover your favorite award-winning flavor!

Celebrity Goat's Original Goat Cheese

You can't go wrong with the top selling Celebrity Goat Original, both creamy and fresh with a mild, tangy flavor. Deliciously spreadable or even better when cool and crumbled!

Celebrity Goat's Cranberry Cinnamon Goat Cheese

Another top selling is the spectacular Cranberry Cinnamon goat log. An abundance of tart cranberries and sweet cinnamon blend seamlessly with rich and tangy goat cheese. This festive cheese is perfect for a holiday platter or crumbled over a fresh salad with grilled chicken!

Better yet, visit Celebrity Goat's website for an intriguing recipe for Cranberry Goat Cheese Balls!

Celebrity Goat's Mediterranean Goat Cheese

The Celebrity Goat's Famously Good Classics list contains an array of decadent goat cheeses.

The Mediterranean goat log has finely diced onions, tomatoes, garlic, and choice herbs that make it a truly memorable experience. The Mediterranean flavors mingle with the mild tang of the rich and creamy cheese perfectly. Try this Mediterranean goat cheese as a sandwich spread and taste bliss!

Celebrity Goat Brie

The Celebrity Goat Brie is made with rich, luscious Canadian goat's milk. This double cream brie has a slightly tangy, pearl-white interior encased in an edible bloomy rind. Crafted by a fourth generation cheesemaker with traditional French technique, this velvety cheese has a mild taste with a creamy body and buttery notes. Delicious with a crusty baguette and a crisp white wine!

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