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Cheese of the Week: Old Chatham Creamery Hudson Valley Camembert

Old Chatham Creamery Hudson Valley Camembert photo from Old Chatham Creamery's Instagram

Old Chatham Creamery began in 1993 in the beautiful hills of the Hudson Valley. Prior to this, sheep dairies were rare in the United States, so founders Tom and Nancy Clark decided to trail-blaze the way for many other sheep dairies to come! They served the local area and New York city restaurants with just 2 products, Hudson Valley Camembert and Plain Sheep Yogurt.

Today, they carry a wide variety of products! Take a look at their website here to explore their decadent cheeses and yogurts, affordable prices and shipping options!

Nancy's Hudson Valley Camembert is a soft ripened cheese, made from a locally sourced blend of sheep's milk, cow's milk, and cow's cream. When the cheese is young, the texture is semi-soft in the center, becoming smoother and softer just under the rind, with hints of buttery and salty flavors. As the cheese matures, the texture becomes gooey under the rind, while the center retains its intricacy.

What's so lovely about Old Chatham Creamery is that they are family-owned and operated, both the farm and the creamery itself! I camembert the thought of choosing any other dairy!

All their animals are fed with all natural and non-GMO hay and grains, and their ingredients are always all natural and non-GMO as well. All their goat and sheep products contain 100% A2 Proteins and are made with the absolute minimum amount of processing, according to their website. All milk protein is actually 30% beta-casein, which gives milk a large amount of its nutritional value. Studies suggest that up to 1 in 4 Americans cannot process A1 milk, and that lactose intolerance is often not the inability to digest lactose, but rather the A1 proteins. A1 proteins have also been linked to skin irritation, gut inflammation, and poor digestion! Old Chatham Creamery's goat and sheep milk have no A1 proteins, to allow your gut to operate as it should. Packed with wonderful probiotics that stabilize and improve your overall health! A decadent cheese made so you can be your healthiest you!


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