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Cheese of the Week: Vermont Creamery Bonne Bouche

Bonne Bouche is French for "Good Mouthful", which every bite of this decadent cheese truly is! As this goat cheese ages it becomes creamy and more robust in flavor.

This ash ripened beauty won first place for aged goat cheese at the American Cheese Society competition, as well as instant acclaim among chefs, retailers, and food writers!

Vermont Creamery's Bonne Bouche is the gem of the Vermont Creamery company's signature line.

Bonne Bouche via Vermont Creamery's website

This ash-ripened, hand-ladled, aged goat cheese is made from pasteurized milk and set in tubs for lactic coagulation for 24 hours. The next day, the cheese curd is carefully hand ladled into molds and drained overnight. The cheeses are then unmolded, ashed, and moved into the aging room. The entire process takes seven to ten days before the delicious cheeses are packaged.

Bonne Bouche can be enjoyed fresh or aged up to 45 days. The texture is mild, yet still acidic, similar to a fresh chevre. As Bonne Bouche ages, it becomes softer and the rind becomes drier and sharper in taste.

Bonne Bouche & Dark Horse photo via Vermont Creamery's website

I discovered on Vermont Creamery's website a delicious recipe pairing called Bonne Bouche & Dark Horse. It is a rich coffee liqueur and mint in a dark horse cocktail with Bonne Bouche served on a crisp cocoa cake cracker! This unique pairing offsets the strong flavors of Bonne Bouche and allows the distinctive tastes to flow on the palate.


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