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Cheesy Roasted Garlic Soup with Sourdough Crumble Recipe

Indulge in the delectable flavors of cheesy roasted garlic soup with sourdough crumble. This savory delight is a symphony of rich, caramelized notes from the roasted garlic, setting it apart with a distinctive taste. Complemented by sharp, salty cheddar cheese and luscious cream, the result is a velvety, comforting masterpiece. Unlike traditional soups with plain bread on the side, this recipe elevates the experience with a contemporary twist on croutons – a crispy, crunchy sourdough crumble topping. The luxurious smoothness of the soup harmonizes with the irresistible texture of the topping, allowing you to savor a cafe-worthy soup right in the comfort of your home.

Recipe from Tasting Table

Cheesy Roasted Garlic Soup with Sourdough Crumble
Image Source: Tasting Table


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