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Company Spotlight: Three Little Pigs

Only the finest ingredients and recipes make it onto the Three Little Pig's list of deliciousness! Flavor comes first and quality is at the heart of everything they do, from sourcing ingredients to attention to detail. Three Little Pigs has a passion for spreading the love of flavor to every foodie to create more enjoyable, everyday moments through well made charcuterie!

Founded by two French chefs who met travelling the world, and an American backer, the third piggy in this 3 little pig's story! Their story begins in 1975 as a small deli specializing in charcuterie in Greenwich Village, NYC. This was a time when French home cooking was still fresh to America, but a few amazing food icon's astounding reviews later and their traditional French charcuterie took off!

In 1988, Three Little Pigs won their first ever Gold Sofi Award for their line of charcuterie, an amazing and honorable award to boost the morale and spotlight of their business. Following shortly after, they opened up a new kitchen in Wilkes-Barre PA to keep up with all the new loving customers!

Three Little Pigs decided in 1990 to expand their menu to include pates, fine accompaniments like cornichons, foie gras, and much more! They continually win awards for quality and innovation.

Today, Three Little Pigs continues to serve the same great tasting pates, mousses, saucissons, charcuterie and French delicacies, all made in small batches at thousands of retailers nationwide!

A foodie friend of mine introduced me to the Three Little Pigs website and showed me the amazing charcuterie kits they have! They're pretty affordable and ship all over the U.S, full of flavor and easy to prep. The Classic Charcuterie Kit is the perfect bundle for an all inclusive classic French board. Decadent pates and mousses, savory saucisson and jambon, can't forget the crisp and tart cornichons, and so much more! Browse their charcuterie kit list here.


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