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Daily Dairy Wins The Superior Taste Award!

Daily Dairy cheese wheels

Last week, the winners of the 2022 Superior Taste Awards were announced. Daily Dairy, a specialty cheese producer based in the Netherlands, was granted a Superior Taste Award for their boozy Paulus Abbey Beer Cheese!

Beer and cheese, what more could you want? The Paulus Abbey Beer Cheese official website describes it best: "A cheese [flavored] with beer -- that is truly something to savor. Our cheese is produced to an authentic recipe from Gouda, using only the best Dutch milk. We then add a unique beer, made according to the traditional method used at the Paulus Abbey, and ripen the cheese for about eight weeks until the [flavor] is just right. The result is a fine Dutch Gouda that blends the gentle saltiness of a well-matured cheese with the fresh, slightly bitter fruitiness of Paulus Beer. A cheese that will leave you wanting more." Clearly, this cheese has left the International Taste Institute's panel of top-notch gastronomy experts wanting more! They granted Paulus Abbey Beer Cheese a Superior Taste Award in the cheese category.

The jury of judges for the Superior Taste Awards consist of over 200 world renowned chefs and sommeliers. These judges are meticulously selected for their depth of knowledge of food and taste. All products are blindly tasted in complete silence. The items are evaluated using the 5 International Hedonic Sensory Analysis criteria (AFNOR XP V096A standards) – first impression, vision, olfaction, taste and texture. So, you can be 100% sure that this is a fantastic cheese.

Daily Dairy's cheese experience dates all the way back to 1900. They produce classic Dutch cheeses such as Gouda and Edam to the fun, funky Amanti line of cheeses. You can check out their entire line of cheeses here. We congratulate them on this incredible win!


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