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Dalmatia Spreads

Dalmatia Spreads photo by Dalmatia via their website

Ever heard of Dalmatia Spreads? If not, get ready for some unique and amazing quality spreads! Ranging from the Dalmatia Original Fig Spread to a Dalmatia Green Olive Spread, this melt in your mouth line up is full of outstanding flavors! All flavor profiles are unique and balanced, fruity and light at the start. Gradually developing richer tones and elevating to a high, sweet, light finish.

Maia Magee, the President of Dalmatia, set an intention to create something next level, layering flavors, aromas, and sensations. She enjoys bringing elevated experiences to others. She believes one should never compromise on quality, no matter what. It makes sense why she created an exquisite set of spreads full of quality ingredients and high standard flavor profiles!

Who can really pick favorites when there are so many delicious choices! My personal top choice is the Dalmatia Organic Blackberry Spread. Not only is the color so vibrant and intriguing, the flavors are just as bright and colorful! The combination of blackberry sweetness and tartness, with rich, deep color makes this spread mesmerizing.

Dalmatia Blackberry Spread by Dalmatia via their website.

This wild beauty is from the Eastern Balkans, easternmost of Europe's three great southern peninsulas. I truly adore the Dalmatia Blackberry Spread mixed into my Greek yogurt in the mornings with some honey and nuts/granola. Although what sounds really enticing is some of this delicious spread with baked Brie on a baguette!

My top choice for a more savory rather than sweet flavor base is the Dalmatia Red Pepper Spread. Packed with intensely rich flavors, this spread comes from the heartland of Croatia, where every family takes great pride in perfecting their own ajvar recipes! Made with sweet red peppers prepared at harvest time each year in limited batches, this savory spread is delicious alone or as a condiment.

Dalmatia Red Pepper Spread by Dalmatia via their website.

The eggplant, peppers, and garlic cloves are all inspected by hand for quality assurance. This Dalmatia Red Pepper Spread pairs amazingly with morning scrambled eggs and toast or atop a grilled steak for dinner. A wonderful taste of the Mediterranean with every bite!


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