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Discover the Ultimate Noodle Destination with Broths on Tap!

In the heart of Las Vegas, a culinary revolution is underway at Dragon Tiger Noodle Co., spearheaded by celebrity chef Jet Tila. Dubbed the 'Chipotle' of noodle houses, this innovative eatery offers a 'build your bowl' concept, but with a twist – all broths are on tap.


Step into Dragon Tiger Noodle Co. and you're greeted with a tantalizing array of broths bubbling away, from rich tonkotsu pork to aromatic Thai Yum. The menu mantra? "You choose the noodle; ramen to low carb, you choose the broth; tonkotsu to Chinese chicken soup, you choose the protein and vegetables; thinly sliced beef to corn, served fast with only the freshest ingredients."

Las Vegas' @unlokt raves about Dragon Tiger Noodle Co., praising its handcrafted noodles, four broths on tap, and convenient induction stoves at every table.

With six locations in Las Vegas, Dragon Tiger Noodle Co. offers a fresh twist on noodle dining. It's where tradition meets innovation, promising a culinary adventure like no other. So, if you're craving a new noodle experience, dive into Dragon Tiger Noodle Co. and taste the revolution.


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