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Discover: Wicked Good Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Cupid definitely approves these cupcakes!

Level up from a basic cupcake with these Valentine's cupcakes in jars for a sweet and unique touch!

Wicked Good Cupcakes has Mix and Match 2-packs ($33.99) / 4-packs ($55.99) / and 6-packs ($75.99) with a Valentine's Day Lovepop Card (with an elaborate, beautiful 3-D pop-up paper rose bouquet) in each. Select your favorite cupcake flavors from Valentine's Velvet, Cupid's Confetti, Mocha, Chocolate Ganache, Vanilla Sprinkle, Carrot Cake, Cookies and Cream, and even more to build your Mix and Match gift box!

It’ll be love at first bite 🥰

Wicked Good Cupcakes started out as a way for a mom and daughter to spend time together and it quickly became a nationwide phenomenon. The launch of Tracey and Dani's first store was in 2011 in Cohasset, Massachusetts. As their business grew, they found themselves getting hundreds of requests to ship cupcakes across the country! However, as you can imagine shipping decadent cupcakes that arrive fresh and intact was a struggle. Tracey and Dani came up with the great idea of filling mason jars with freshly baked layers of cake, frosting, and filling - creating the very first cupcake-in-a-jar that could easily be shipped!

Since Tracey and Dani pitched their innovative cupcake-in-a-jar idea on the hit reality show Shark Tank, Wicked Good Cupcakes has flourished and became a popular, nationally recognized, go-to brand for cupcake delivery!


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