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Dishwasher Salmon Recipe

There are three words that are music to my ears when they go together: Food, laziness, and practicality.

When I found out that you could cook dinner in a dishwasher in basically a sous vide fashion (a cooking technique that heats food with water), it was the perfect combination of the three. Make dinner, wash dishes and sit on the couch while it’s all prepared for me. Easy!

There are actually quite a few dishwasher dinner recipes on the internet, but it's best to choose foods and recipes that are going to be a little forgiving with time and temperature. Therefore, the salmon recipe being the most common dishwasher dinner go-to because of its low cooking temperature compared to other proteins and it's safe to eat if not completely cooked through.

How do you prepare?

Put your salmon (with the skin still on) on a sheet of tin foil and season it with your choice of seasoning. Then, wrap it tightly in the sheet of foil before wrapping another sheet tightly around it, making sure all of the cracks are folded over and no water can get inside. For your sides, use mason jars fastened tightly. In the video below by Reviewed, they chose asparagus and couscous as their sides and filled the jars to the brim with liquid (chicken broth and water).

The Dishwasher Process:

Many of the recipes out there claim that one full cycle that takes about an hour should do the trick. However, some dishwasher cycles take about 2-3 hours. Another slight issue with these time and temperature flexible recipes is the heat. The process is basically sous vide, which is a water bath or steam environment somewhere between about 130-140 degrees Fahrenheit. Some dishwashers probably won't get up to that temperature and only stay at about 120 degrees for longer cycles.

Some recipes call to include the dishes you plan to eat on in the cycle with your salmon dinner to help even out the temperature within.


Hopefully you pull your food out with no signs of water in the foil packets or jars!

According to Reviewed's article, the salmon was edible, but overall, the sides as well as the salmon could've used at least another half hour to an hour in the cycle. Overall, cooking dinner in the dishwasher is possible, you just have to find the right cycle time for your dish!

"As for washing it with plates and soap, I don’t see why it isn’t possible as long as the jars are screwed tight and the packet is sealed completely with multiple layers of foil. There was no seeping of water anywhere and if done right, there shouldn’t be." - Reviewed

Take a look at BuzzFeed's reaction to a salmon dinner cooked in a dishwasher below!


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