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Drive Thru Daiquiris!

A weird and wonderful New Orleans Tradition has won my heart!

The first drive thru daiquiri stand opened up in Lafayette, Louisiana in 1981; the state had no laws against drinking and driving at the time, and although the new business received some pushback from the community, it wasn't enough to shut it down, or dampen its excitement and popularity!

Now, these drive thru daiquiris have become a part of everyday life for many Louisianans. Located mainly in strip malls and suburbs, most daiquiri stands make their living not from drunken out of towners, but from locals stopping by on their way to or from another part of their lives.

Locals stopping by to pick up a bucket of daiquiris to loosen up a family or work party!

New Orleans Daiquiris Drive Thru via Pinterest

The open container laws in Louisiana are pretty simple, if you don't finish your drink at the bar, you're free to take it with you on foot.

Fortunately, Louisiana caught up to other states on the "no drinking and driving" law, and you're no longer allowed to have open containers of alcohol in a moving vehicle.

So, how do these drive thru daiquiris work? Well, the law doesn't apply to "any bottle, can or other receptacle that contains any amount of frozen alcoholic beverage unless the lid is removed, or a straw protrudes through the lid."

In other words, the drinks have to be frozen, the straws must be provided on the side, meaning the containers are technically "closed" as long as they have lids. If that seems like a fine line to you, well it is! But given the long-lasting popularity of the drive thru daiquiri, it's a line that most likely won't be going anywhere any time soon!


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