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Earth Day / Producers That Strive For Sustainable Production

The true meaning of Earth Day is to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Many businesses now and days are aware of how they can come together to help take care of the Earth that endlessly provides for us through conscious and sustainable practices in their companies.

Rogue Creamery is known for its award winning cheeses and clear mission - dedication to sustainability, service, and the art and tradition of creating the world's finest handmade cheese! They are committed to leaving a positive impact on both people and our planet.

Based in Central Point Oregon, Rogue Creamery was recently named the Outstanding Dairy Processing and Manufacturing Sustainability Award winner presented by the Innovation Center for U.S Dairy.

Rogue Creamery Cows & Award-Winning Cheese! via Rogue Creamery Website

What makes owner David Gremmels stand above the rest goes beyond his company's cheesemaking practices. This dairy has a culture that is based around doing the right thing which has allowed the creamery to rise to the top!

In 2014, Rogue Creamery was Oregon's first certified B Corporation. They have led the way in renewable energy and waste reduction, inspiring other like minded businesses to follow suit and pursue the difficult certification process!

The dairy was also awarded for its high standards as the first American cheesemaker to be named Grand Champion at the World Cheese Awards in October 2019.

Rogue creamery started off small in 1933, throughout the years they have grown by leaps and bounds. Today, Rogue Creamery cheese can be found at cheese counters and restaurants nationwide, as well as many countries including the U.K, Europe, Australia, and Japan!

This dairy serves as a model for sustainability- providing a happy, stress-free life for the cows, while also improving the wellbeing of both the land itself and the people who depend on it! Let's dive in on the many ways Rogue Creamery practices sustainability.

Rogue Creamery Cows via Rogue Creamery Website

- Organic practices: Build soil health, encourage native plant growth, and builds biodiversity.

- Dairy waste repurposing system converts solid and liquid waste into usable byproducts.

- Renewable Energy: Solar Panels offset energy use. Currently produce 22-30% of their total annual energy needs.

- Company vehicle is an electric car! They have electric car charging stations on site at both the Rogue Creamery Dairy Farm and the Rogue Creamery offices/cold storage facility.

Rogue Creamery Pedal Power Program via Rogue Creamery Website

Now this is my favorite one of their many sustainable practices, the Pedal Power Program: Save 10% in store at the Cheese Shop and Farm Stand if you ride your bicycle there!

Through the Nellie Green Pedal Power Program, Rogue Creamery employees are given a monthly bonus for using more sustainable forms of transportation to travel to and from work! This includes biking, driving cars that get upwards of 50mpg, carpooling, and using public transportation.

The company also offers employees the option to receive a Rogue Creamery bicycle when they sign the Pedal Power Pledge, rather than a monthly bonus. If they fulfill their pledge after one year, the bicycle is theirs to keep!

In 2019 Rogue Creamery employees travelled 11,838 miles using more sustainable forms of transportation!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

At Rogue Creamery they are committed to improving the impact on the planet by reducing waste. They operate a robust recycling program, and prefer to partner with vendors with similar commitments to sustainability. The company also has repurposing programs in place for whey, vehicles, equipment, fencing, and more!

Sustainability is on the high rise, with more companies realizing the impacts their productions have on this beautiful Earth. Feel good about the businesses you support!

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