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Ed Sheeran's New 'Tingly Ted's' Hot Sauce

Are you ready for a flavor explosion that's as unforgettable as an Ed Sheeran song? The musical sensation himself has ventured into the world of hot sauce with his latest creation, "Tingly Ted's Hot Sauce."

Tingly Ted's is a new hot sauce brand collab between Ed Sheeran, a bear named Ted, and the well-known Kraft Heinz. Named after Sheeran's childhood nickname, Tingly Ted's will be available in two spice levels - Tingly and Xtra Tingly.

"Way back yonder, Teddy was Ed's childhood nickname. After leaving his paw prints on a couple of Ed's records, today, Ted had been born again as a grumpy bear, sidekick and co-creator of the first tingly sauce known to man (and bear, of course)." -via Tingly Ted's.

Ed Sheeran's passion for spice and flavor is evident in his music, and now he's channeled that same passion into creating a hot sauce that's bound to be a hit with fans and food lovers alike. With Tingly Ted's, he brings his love for heat and melody together in one remarkable bottle.

"As a lifelong ketchup and hot sauce obsessive, Ed Sheeran had a dream to make the 'ketchup of hot sauces' - a not -so-hot hot sauce to be dolloped onto everything. Burgers, eggs, burritos, you name it." - via Tingly Ted's.

According to Food Beast, "the sauces carry a smoky flavor that's paired with lemon, red jalapeños, capsicum chilies, and a mix of herbs and spices. Hot sauce lovers have the option of purchasing them individually or as a bundle at select retailers in Chicago, Pittsburgh and Nashville, specialty grocery stores across the country, or by visiting Tingly Ted’s."


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