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Egg Smuggling Is on the Rise

According to U.S Customs and Border Protections, it's experienced a 108% increase in the number of eggs and poultry products seized at U.S ports of entry.

The cost of eggs has increased steadily over the last year, to the point where I'm staring at the price thinking "do I really need eggs this week?" The average cost for a dozen eggs hit $4.25 in December and in some states, they are selling for over $7!

However, in Juarez, Mexico, shoppers can pick up a mega-carton of 30 eggs for the amazing price of $3.40. That kind of bargain seems to have inspired some U.S citizens to travel across the border to buy eggs in Mexico, despite the fact that it is against federal law to bring uncooked eggs or poultry products across the border.

If you fail to declare your products or try to smuggle them, you can face expensive civil penalties. The fines for bringing undeclared raw eggs into the U.S. start at $300 and could increase to as much as $10,000!

Even declared raw eggs will be seized and incinerated but declaring that you’re transporting eggs will save you from any financial penalties.


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