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Elsa Group (Mifroma) Celebrates Success at the International World Cheese Awards

News provided by Mifroma USA.

URSY, November 2nd 2023 – Elsa Group, a Swiss leading player in the cheese industry, is proud

to share its success at the International World Cheese Awards. They have been awarded 15 medals comprising 1 super gold, 4 gold, 6 silver and 4 bronze medals.

The competition, held annually, attracts cheese producers and cheese experts from all over the

world. This year’s awards ceremony took place in Trondheim, Norway. It gathered participants and

companies from 43 countries and the Jury, formed by 264 experts, tasted 4,502 different cheeses.

Elsa Group awarded cheeses:

Super Gold medal:

Halbhartkäse Simmental

Gold medals:

Appenzeller Elegant

Bergkäse Alpenkräuter

Gruyère AOP (14 months)

Gruyère AOP (18 months)

Silver medals:

Brigand du Jorat

Appenzeller Extra

Simmental 8-12 months

Gruyère AOP (9 months)

Gruyère AOP (11 months)

Emmentaler AOP (18 months)

Bronze medals:


Appenzeller Gold

Bergkäse Cremig

Emmentaler AOP (11 months)

Elsa Group remains devoted to selecting exquisite cheeses that are celebrated for their flavor,

texture, and quality. These medals encourage the group to maintain its commitment to selecting

and ripening the best cheeses for its customers. The company extends its gratitude to its dedicated

team, partners and cheesemakers who have been instrumental in achieving this success.

For more information on our award-winning products, please contact your sales representative or

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