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Emmi Enters Feta Market with Acquisition of Athenos

The Emmi Group announced on September 2nd, 2021 that it has acquired Athenos, the #1 best selling feta brand in the US market, from the Lactalis Group. This new acquisition is a welcome addition to Emmi's range of domestic and imported specialty cheeses. The Athenos brand will be managed by Emmi Roth, USA, a subsidiary of the Emmi Group.

Now with feta in its portfolio, this acquisition allows Emmi to further strengthen their position in the US cheese market. In addition to Emmi's many distributions channels, the Athenos brand will also benefit from Emmi's social media and digital marketing expertise.

According to a press release, Athenos generated net sales of nearly $90 million in 2020, and Emmi expects for the popularity of feta to continue to increase due to the shift to healthier and lighter eating.

The transaction remains subject to approval by the US competition authorities and the purchase price will not be disclosed.

Emmi Roth, owned by the Emmi Group since 2009, employees about 300 people at 4 Wisconsin locations and produces a range of Roth brand cheeses such as Buttermilk Blue, Grand Cru®, fresh goat cheese, Havarti and Gouda. As a subsidiary of the Emmi Group based in Switzerland, they also import Swiss-made cheeses.

Athenos Meditteranean-inspired products are produced in Wisconsin and are made the Greek style. In addition to Feta, they sell a range of hummus and pita chips.


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