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French Bayonne Ham

Delpeyrat Logo and Ham image by Delpeyrat.

Dry cured Bayonne Ham has a special place on my beloved charcuterie board. A buddy of mine brought over this delicious Delpeyrat French Bayonne Ham one weekend and ever since then I make sure I don't settle for anything less than this melt in your mouth ham. It carries an amazingly sweeter texture than most dry cured hams, with a very tender and mild flavor, and a hint of saltiness.

This exceptional 12 month air-dried ham draws its unique qualities from the Ardour basin in the heart of French Basque Country, while its flavor and character have been assured by the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).

The PGI label is a gauge of quality and respect for its geographic origins. The salt used in this ham comes from Salies de Bearn, the only salt that can be used by salt workers to obtain the PGI Jambon de Bayonne.

In the summer, the hams are placed in special drying rooms where the long aging process begins and finalizes in autumn. Photo from Béarn des Gaves website here

The muscular parts of the ham are carefully covered with a mixture of pork fat and flour, a key procedure called 'pannage' (coating). This allows the meat to dry ever so slowly over the course of the long aging process.

Today, this French Bayonne Ham is among the most widely known, and more importantly the consumers remain loyal! What makes this ham even more amazing is it is preservatives free, all natural, rich in vitamins, and an excellent source of proteins and minerals!

Bayonne Ham is strictly a product from Southwest of France in terms of production, it is also an authentic reflection of its environment in the Ardour River basin with its richly varied landscapes and climates, between the Pyrenees and the Atlantic.

A delicious recipe for Bayonne Ham & Bell Pepper Tart:

Recipe credit here

- 1 prepared shortcrust tart base

- 5 slices of Bayonne Ham

- 2 bell peppers (red, yellow, or green)

- 1 large onion

- 1 shallot

- 150 g grated ewe's milk cheese from the Pyrenees

- salt, pepper, oil


- Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius

- chop the onion and shallot and sweat them in a pan Photo from Delpeyrat

- dice the bell peppers and add them to the pan, cook over medium heat for 5 minutes

- add the Bayonne Ham thinly sliced crosswise and drizzle with oil, cook for an additional 10 minutes

- line a tart pan with the shortcrust and add the filling

- sprinkle with the grated ewe's milk cheese, add pepper, and bake for 15 minutes


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