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Brewery Q&A - Front Street Brewery

Q & A with Jessie Singer of Front Street Brewery, located in Davenport, Iowa. Front Street Brewery is the oldest brew pub and second oldest brewery in the state of Iowa!

Front Street Brewery

Q. Tell us a quick history of your brewery:

A. Opened in 1992 and the creators of Cherry Bomb Blonde.

Q. How did you get into beer making?

A. [Hobby] became passion.

Q. How many different styles of beer do you brew?

A. Upwards of 13 plus.

Q. How do you choose which styles of beer to brew?

A. We listen to our customer base.

Q. What is unique about your beer? What makes them stand out?

A. All organic products, infused local ingredients from the farmers market, outside our front door!

Q. How is your beer connected to the local area?

Front Street Brewery cherry bomb blonde beer

A. Hugely. Cherry Bomb Blonde is served in nearly every restaurant locally.

Q. What is your favorite beer that you produce? Describe its aroma, flavor and appearance.

A. Snickerdoodle. It’s like a cookie in your mouth, buttery…cinnamon aroma that just makes your mouth water, but at the end it’s so delicious, you lick your lips!

Q. What foods pair well with the beer named in the previous question?

A. A tiramisu- fantastic. Or even a chard Teriyaki Salmon, giving it a sweet and savory vibe.

Q. What can visitors expect when they visit your brewery?

A. The smell of beer. Friendly staff and a group of regulars just having a good time.

Q. Where can consumers purchase your products besides at your brewery?

A. We are in local grocery stores- HyVee, Jewel - as well as gas stations.

*Images courtesy of Front Street Brewery.


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