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Have you 'herd' about these delicious goat's milk cheeses?

August is National Goat Cheese Month!

Goat cheese is more than just fresh chèvre. Open the door to a whole new world of flavor by trying the following goat's milk cheeses!

Fresh Goat Cheese

Let's start with the basics! It’s no secret that a crumbling of tangy goat cheese can dress up dull and boring salads and add a fresh flavor and creamy texture to any recipe. Also known as chèvre, goat’s milk cheese is not only a delicious ingredient in any recipe, but is generally healthier than cheeses of different milks and comes with a host of health benefits.

I love Montchevre fresh goat cheese for its vast variety of tantalizing flavors. Jalapeño Honey, Truffle, Tomato Basil, Hibiscus Berry...the list goes on and on! These rich and smooth goat cheese logs are made with real, fresh ingredients with respect to traditional French cheesemaking methods.

Blue Goat Cheese

As Firefly Farms said, "When it comes to beautiful blues, goats are the new cows"! Blue Goat Cheese is very similar to the cow's milk variety, but with that signature goaty tang! If you love the sharp flavor of cow's milk blue, you're in for a treat with goat's milk blue.

Firefly Farms's Black & Blue is, according to their website, "one of the world’s few goat cheese blues. And one of the very best." Black & Blue has a dense, buttery and rich texture with sweet notes and a blue piquancy. These flavors become more intense with age. Enjoy Black & Blue young for a mild, approachable flavor. If you're a seasoned blue lover looking for that sharp blue tang, eat this cheese closer to its expiration date. Black & Blue is extra delicious with a sweet Reisling or a jammy red blend.

Goat Brie

Goat beyond regular Brie with goat's milk Brie! Goat's milk Brie has all of the earthy, mushroom-y flavors of cow's milk Brie with a slight goat flavor. My go-to for Baked Brie! I don't know what it is, but warm, gooey baked goat's milk Brie topped with fig jam and puff pastry is so next-level!

Woolwich Triple Crème Goat Brie is buttery soft with a touch of tanginess. Its rich texture and creamy taste pairs well with crisp, slightly acidic white wines. Woolwich Goat Dairy has a vast array of delicious goat's milk products, including butter, feta, and even straight up goat's milk.

Soft-Ripened Goat Cheese

Goat Brie technically falls into this category, but one of my favorite soft-ripened goat's milk cheeses is not a Brie. I couldn't make this list without including Humboldt Fog!

Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog is a soft-ripened goat's cheese with a thin layer of vegetable ash, which is added as an ode to California's morning fog. It boasts a super fudgy texture with a creamline that develops as it ages. Its flavor is tangy, slightly goat-y and buttery with floral notes and a citrus finish. Enjoy Humboldt Fog with honey, prosciutto, green apple, almonds, Rosé, Pinot Noir or an IPA.

Goat Gouda

Sweet. Tangy. Delicious. Goat Gouda has a striking white paste and caramel notes that are typical of older Goudas. Its flavor is more milky than its cow's milk counterpart and is only slightly tangy.

Beemster Goat Gouda is the perfect introduction to goat's milk cheese. "Even people who think they don't like goat cheese fall in love with Beemster's!" This cheese is made with pasteurized goat's milk and has a slightly-sweet and refreshing flavor. A good one for your summer cheese boards! Pair with nuts, honey and crisp white wines.

The options for goat's milk cheeses don't end here--there are countless varieties that exist. Next time you're at the store, keep an eye out!


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