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  • Lynn

Lay's and Subway Release Foot-Long Chip!

Not enough chips for your Subway Footlong sandwich? Look no further than Lay's and Subway's new 12-inch chip!

Subway and Lay's understand that impeccable crunch that chips add to a sandwich. Instead of layering on a bunch of loose chips that are bound to fall out when you take a bite, the two brands have devised a solution: a 12-inch long chip.

Subway sandwich with foot-long potato chip
Image source: Frito-Lay North America; Subway via PRNewswire.

Just in time for National Potato Chip Day, this new crunchy creation will be available exclusively at the 6700 Stonebrook Parkway Subway location in Frisco, Texas, on March 14th only. Guests who purchase a footlong meal can add a BAKED Lay's® Footlong for free, while supplies last.

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