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Mythical Kitchen's Blended Sandwich is Surprisingly Good!

In a culinary world where creativity knows no bounds, Mythical Kitchen has once again left us in awe with their latest TikTok sensation. This time, they've taken the art of sandwich-making to a whole new level by blending the very essence of their delectable creations. Yep, you read that right! With each whir of the food processor and every unexpected twist, Mythical Kitchen's latest TikTok post transcends the ordinary.

Is there anything Mythical Kitchen won't try? From elevating the classic PB&J with some seaweed and rice to sampling the Oreo and Nissin Ramen collaboration, Mythical Kitchen really seems to be down for it all. Does it sound weird or unheard of? Then they've probably tried it! Their most recent experiment is unforgettable.

Josh has a pretty simple method to the madness. He starts the food processor and combines everything into a brown paste. He mentions in the TikTok that viewers should aim for a smooth consistency with no lumps before smoothing the mixture onto a hoagie roll. Josh gives it a try and upon first bite seems a bit surprised by how good it tastes. So good, he even goes back to the food processor to grab more of the blended meat mixture that he says resembles a pâté.

Can this strange, blended sandwich mixture really be classified as a pâté? According to Food Network, pâté is a French dish made of meat and fat that is then baked in a small tray called a terrine (it can be served hot or cold). The main difference between the food processed sandwich from a real pâté is that it isn't baked, and a traditional pâté wouldn't have lettuce and tomatoes in it.


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