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National Beer Can Appreciation Day: Beer and Cheese Pairings

Human consumption and enjoyment of beer is as old as the pyramids! In fact, it helped fuel getting them built with Ancient Egyptians averaging about 4 liters a day.

Vikings lived with the hope upon their death to go to Valhalla (heaven) where it was believed that a giant goat resided whose udders were filled with an unlimited supply of beer.

And on this day beer lovers will have their own heaven on earth by celebrating National Beer Can Appreciation Day!

You may be wondering, what is the purpose of this celebratory day?

To gather together and enjoy delicious beer! What better way to do so than with a delicious cheese platter that has amazing beer pairings to make every sip even better with each bite.

According to Dogfish Head this is the hoppiest beer ever documented through scientific analysis. Brewed with an experimental hop referred to as "Alpha Beast" along with Simcoe, Warrior and Amarillo hops in CO2 extract, Hoo Lawd takes dark IPA into an intergalactic black hole of hoppiness. Just one sip will make you say "Hoo Lawd, that's intense!" via

In Italian, Toma means "wheel of cheese made by the farmer herself." What better way to describe this than with Point Reyes' most versatile, any time, any table cheese. Toma is all natural, pasteurized, semi-hard table cheese with a waxed rind. Made from pasteurized, rBST-free cows’ milk and aged for 90 days.

Why this pair works:

Point Reyes Toma is best when paired with hop heavy beers. This semi-hard cheese has a creamy texture with a creamy buttery flavor and a grassy tang finish. Dogfish Head Hoo Lawd balances out the rich and creamy characteristic of Point Reyes' Toma wonderfully!


Blue Moon's first Hazy brewed with dried whole oranges to infuse the flavor into the beer, creating a delicious, juicy flavor and bright color!

Image Source: Blue Moon

Fromager d'Affinois Garlic and Herbs may look like a pudgy brie, but it’s actually much creamier. Infused into the cheese is garlic, parsley, chive and chervil. Fromage d’Affinois may remind you of a triple cream since the flavor is loaded with silky fat, milky goodness!

Image Source: Igourmet

Why this pair works:

Soft-ripened cheeses such as Fromager d'Affinois Garlic and Herbs pair extremely well with Pale Ale beers such as Blue Moon Moon Haze. The fruity and citrusy taste of Moon Haze compliments the earthy taste of Fromager d'Affinois Garlic and Herbs. When the two combine it is the perfect balance of creamy and acidic.


Golden Monkey crafted an ale with imported malts, Belgian yeast, and a mix of magical spices resulting in mystical flavors that will enlighten your senses! Loaded with hints of banana and clove- an equally fruity body balanced with a light, earthy hop character. Delicious notes of orange and spice followed by a dry finish.

Image Source: Victory Beer

If Roquefort is the assertive ‘King of Blues’ then the even-tempered Bleu d’Auvergne is the prince. Though both were developed early in the 19th century, are currently AOC protected, and made with a similar recipe, the difference lies in milk type, region and intensity. This blue, made from raw cow’s milk, is mellow and meaty, taking its name from the region of origin while Roquefort is a spicy sheep milk cheese from down south. So while he may not be the life of the party, well balanced salt and spice makes d’Auvergne a perfect companion for ale!

Image Source: Igourmet

Why this pair works:

This pairing is all about matching the intensity of each other's flavors. The balanced malt flavor of Golden Monkey along with the intense flavor of Bleu d’Auvergne is equally matched when combined. The notes of orange and spice in Golden Monkey cuts through the rich and intense taste of Bleu d’Auvergne perfectly.


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