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National Bubble Bath Day! Food Shaped/Scented Bath Bombs

There's nothing quite like slipping into the hot water of a bubble bath for a nice relaxing soak in the tub. If you're anything like me, you'll have bath salts, soaps, and bath bombs on hand, as well as a good book and a candle of course. A hot bubble bath relaxes your muscles, refreshes your skin, and helps with any congestion you may have.

Join me in National Bubble Bath Day by celebrating with food shaped/scented bath bombs! It wouldn't be a Curd is the Word blog post without the foodie touch to it😁

These fizzy little balls of fun amp up your tub time with color, fragrances, and skin benefits without introducing harmful synthetics that could possibly irritate your skin.

Nectar's Donut Delights Bath Bomb set for $50 includes 6 unique donuts made with Epsom salt, detoxifying kaolin clay, and sweet almond oil.

Nectar's Waffle Crush Bath Bombs bundle for $39 includes 4 of the yummiest smelling waffles in the cutest gift set that everyone will love. Each waffle is topped with soap treat dollop and creates a unique and foamy experience like no other!


Pumpkin pie, coconut vanilla, birthday cake, blood orange, melon daiquiri, rose sorbet, the list goes on! NCLA Beauty has a wide variety of yummy bath bombs that have you questioning whether or not you can eat them because they're so delicious to the senses.


Little Sweetie dessert inspired bath bombs are as cute as they sound! This gift set is $26.99 and comes with 8 little sweetie bath bombs with soothing aromas from essential oils.


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