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National Cheese Lover's Day: Cady Creek Farms Rosemary Gouda

Cady Creek Farms Rosemary Gouda photo from website here

January 20 is National Cheese Lover's day! To celebrate, I'm making a variety of dishes from grilled cheeses and melty dips to a lovely charcuterie board! I genuinely adore this day, it gives me an excuse to go all in with the family on everything cheese.

When I was shopping for an assortment of cheeses to prepare for our family get together I came across this fantastic Rosemary Gouda from a dairy called Cady Creek Farms. In my opinion, rosemary is one of the most magical herbs, it truly can uplift any regular old dish to taste exquisite! A bajillion culinary ideas came to mind when I grabbed it, but I just knew I had to try and make a grilled cheese with it.

The delicious combination of rosemary and rich, buttery gouda create a burst of flavor!

Cady Creek Farms can be found in the deli area of many grocery and specialty stores, both behind the counter as well as in easy grab and go slices and cuts. Available in many different shapes and sizes including horns, blocks, slices, pre-cut, and trays.

Recommended wine pairings include merlot, pinot grigio, or a riesling. For beer pairings, a pale lager, English style pale ales, and hefeweizen (a German wheat beer).

Burnett Dairy Cooperative, farmer owned since 1896, is a place where farm families work together with crop and dairy experts to produce the highest quality milk. Creativity and inspiration go hand in hand to produce inventive flavors! Their brands include, Burnett Dairy and Wood River Creamery in retail and Fancy Brand in foodservice. Cady Cheese, LLC is a division of Burnett Dairy Cooperative and is a longhorn and deli horn manufacturer located in Wilson, Wisconsin.


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