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National Empanada Day: Celebrate with Irresistible Recipes and Filling Ideas

As you take your first bite into a golden, flaky empanada, you're instantly transported to a world of savory bliss. This, my friends, is the magic of empanadas – and what better time to revel in their deliciousness than on National Empanada Day? Whether you're a seasoned foodie or just someone who appreciates a good meal, there's something undeniably special about biting into these savory turnovers.

Empanada Recipes & Filling Ideas:

Now, let's talk fillings. Whether you prefer savory or sweet, the possibilities are endless. For those craving a savory fix, classics like beef, chicken, or ham and cheese never disappoint. Feeling adventurous? Try a twist on tradition with caprese empanadas or tangy pulled pork.

If your sweet tooth is calling, indulge in dessert empanadas filled with luscious fruit compotes, creamy Nutella, or rich dulce de leche. The juxtaposition of the buttery crust against the sweet filling is pure bliss with every bite.

Ready to embark on an empanada adventure of your own? We've rounded up some mouthwatering recipes to get you started:

Let's start with the timeless favorite – the beef empanada. Succulent ground beef, seasoned to perfection with spices like cumin, paprika, and garlic, is encased in a flaky pastry shell.

This recipe is loaded with potatoes, veggies, and seasoned ground beef. This hearty filling is a staple, offering a comforting and satisfying bite with every mouthful.

Classic Beef Empanadas
Classic Beef Empanadas Photo: The Modern Proper


Indulge in the savory delight of these Chicken Empanadas filled with tender shredded chicken, aromatic spices, and hearty vegetables, encased in a flaky pastry shell – a flavorful twist perfect for any occasion!

Chicken Empanadas
Chicken Empanadas Photo: Bon Appetit


Savor the enticing blend of flaky empanada dough embracing sweet guava paste and gooey melted Manchego cheese. These delectably sweet and effortlessly crafted guava and cheese empanadas make for an irresistible dessert or a delightful accompaniment to your favorite cocktail.

Guava and Cheese Empanadas
Guava and Cheese Empanadas Photo: Mexican Made Meatless


Treat yourself to the irresistible blend of spicy chorizo and tender potatoes, hugged by a golden pastry crust, in this must-try chorizo and potatoes empanadas recipe.

Chorizo and Potatoes Empanadas
Chorizo and Potatoes Empanadas Photo: Eating Well


Prepare to be wowed by the unparalleled taste and texture of these mouthwatering treats – they're sure to become a favorite in your kitchen!

Featuring succulent pulled pork seasoned with a tantalizing blend of cumin, oregano, and chili powder, these empanadas boast a bold and savory flavor profile. Encased in a flaky, crispy pastry shell, these empanadas are a true delight.

Pulled Pork Empanadas
Pulled Pork Empanadas Photo: Cilantro Parsley


For those craving a sweet twist on the classic empanada, look no further than these mouthwatering Dulce de Leche Empanadas. Get ready to experience a delightful combination of flaky pastry and rich caramel filling.

Dulce de Leche Empanadas
Dulce de Leche Empanadas Photo: Pura Vida Moms


Discover a surprising fusion of flavors with our Caprese Empanadas – a delightful blend of two culinary worlds. Featuring the beloved ingredients of Italian Caprese salad wrapped in a traditional empanada pastry, this recipe offers a unique twist on a cherished classic.

Caprese Empanadas
Caprese Empanadas Photo:Laylita


Indulge in the perfect balance of earthy spinach and tangy feta, resulting in a subtly seasoned filling that pairs wonderfully with crispy, golden-brown pastry shells.

Spinach and Feta Empanadas
Spinach and Feta Empanadas Photo: Goodie God Mother


Discover a savory sensation with these Spicy Black Bean Empanadas – a vegetarian delight rich in protein, offering a delectable alternative to traditional meat fillings.

Spicy Black Bean Empanadas
Spicy Black Bean Empanadas Photo: Hilah Cooking


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