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  • Lynn

North America’s First Preservative-Free Salami Is Here!

On May 25th, 2023, Italian-inspired salami producer Olli Salumeria announced their new line of preservative-free salami—the first of its kind in the North American market.

Instead of using preservatives like nitrates and nitrites, Olli Salumeria's revolutionary curing process relies on "a simplified salt cure in combination with naturally occurring polyphenolic compounds – the same healthy compounds that doctors recommend in moderate consumption of berries, dark chocolate and red wine", states the press release. "It's a health-conscious option that still produces the same complex flavor and sweeter, less acidic taste people associate with Olli Salami." Salami is a great protein-packed and nutrient dense snack, and taking preservatives out of the equation is a major step towards making salami a healthier snack.

Olli's new preservative-free line debuts with Olli Salamini and Olli Salamini and Curds Snacks. The company is also working on applying the preservative-free curing process to all ten varieties of Olli Chubs this year, and eventually, the entire line.


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