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  • Lynn

Pop-Tarts & Tajín Collaborate on Create-Your-Own Kit

Pop-Tarts, the beloved breakfast pastry brand is turning up the heat by collaborating with chili-lime seasoning brand Tajín!

According to the October 20, 2022 press release, "Pop-Tarts x Tajín, [is] a 'Crazy Bueno' limited-edition, flavor-intensifying package that features Tajín's iconic Clásico Seasoning and new Fruity Chamoy Hot Sauce coupled with a variety of fan-favorite fruity Pop-Tarts including Frosted Strawberry, Frosted Wild Berry and Peach Cobbler." The kit features pairing ideas, but consumers can go crazy and create whatever tantalizing creation that their heart desires.

Javier Leyva, Director of Tajín USA said in the October 20th press release, "our well-balanced blend of mild chili peppers, sea salt and dehydrated lime and the new Fruity Chamoy Hot Sauce pair perfectly with Pop-Tarts' fruit flavored filling, frosting and flaky crust."

If you like sweet and spicy, this kit is for you! It is available for purchase for $10 via the Pop-Tarts Instagram store and from Tuesday, October 25th to Thursday, October 27th.


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