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Toast to National Prosecco Day With This Prosecco-Infused Cheese!

Get ready to pop your corks...August 13th is National Prosecco Day!

National Prosecco Day was founded by Riondo Prosecco, an esteemed brand of Prosecco wine. August 13th was chosen because summer is the perfect time to enjoy a cold glass of Prosecco!

According Riondo Prosecco's website, "Prosecco is an Italian white wine that is produced in the Veneto region of northeast Italy and made using the Glera grape varietal. Proseccos are made using at least 85% of the Glera grape, and can include small amounts of other varietals local to the Italian region. This grape varietal, along with the terroir of the Veneto region, creates a tropical, fruit-forward taste profile for which prosecco is known."

Prosecco is fermented using a method called the Charmat Method, in which bubbles are trapped in the wine via carbonation in large steel tanks. This method produces a light-bodied Prosecco.

Now, what to pair with your Prosecco...

Look no further than Thistle Hill Raspberry Prosecco White Stilton Cheese!

Thistle Hill Raspberry & Prosecco White Stilton cheese
Image by Thistle Hill Cheese Co.

This pure white cheese dotted with raspberries immediately caught my eye when shopping at The Fresh Market. Seeing the glass of crisp Prosecco with raspberries on the label--I knew I had to try it!

This cheese has a super creamy, fresh, yogurt-like taste. Delicious, but plain, on its own. Introducing raspberries and a touch of Prosecco to the mix makes for a fruity, refreshing and slightly-boozy tasting cheese! If you're not a fan of sweets, no need to worry--this cheese has the perfect touch of sweetness without being overwhelming. You won't find a cheese like this anywhere else. A perfect addition to your celebration cheese board as a dessert.

The producer of this cheese is located in the village of Cropwell Bishop in England. This "micro-dairy" produces the finest quality white crumbly cheese in the world. With over 20 years’ cheesemaking experience, the dedicated makers have combined their experience and expertise creating and delivering the cleanest, purist and freshest creamy handmade White Stilton cheese. It’s made extra special by the dedicated choice of sourcing milk from the local area, supporting local dairy farmers.

Thistle Hill White Stiltons are produced using traditional open vat processes to create a unique modern style cheese with no preservatives delivering a smooth finish to produce a cheese like no other. The cheese never travels elsewhere to be finished, stored or blended. Cheesemakers blend the fresh cheese with the finest ingredients in its own born environment to create innovative, great tasting combinations to tantalize the taste buds of consumers.

This National Prosecco Day (or any other day 😆), pop your Prosecco and and pick up a piece of Thistle Hill Raspberry & Prosecco White Stilton cheese.


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