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Q&A With Dondrill Glover of AHMESA

Welcome to the world of AHMESA, where nature's bounties meet culinary artistry. AHMESA is a farm-to-table artisanal brand dedicated to elevating your culinary experiences with a delightful range of citrus and herbal flavored Mediterranean sea salts and Middle Eastern spices. Each of their carefully crafted products is a testament to the rich flavors and traditions of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions, bringing a touch of authenticity and sophistication to your kitchen.

Image Courtesy of AHMESA

What is your passion? Tell us about it.

A. Creating sanctuary an experiences at the home table, It's a place that has brought some the most joyous and momentous occasions in my life. A place of comfort, love, celebration and robust laughter, often vigorous debate and mostly importantly a place of togetherness. In a fast moving world of distractions and missing human relations. The table emerges fostering reconnection within our circle of home and beyond.

What inspired you to persue this passion? Tell us the story.

A. At AHMESA, we aspire to share universal exchange of food and gathering. I'm granddaughter of farming family and a farmers harvest holds in incredible place for me. Growing up the home table was an expression of love and time together. As I began traveling with extended stays abroad, I recognized the same table in other places, yes sometimes different ingredients and other times familiar ones prepared differently. I could feel the global connection we've all shared at the home table. I knew how it made people feel and people pause and sit and join its offerings. I also understood how it brokered new understandings, humbling and equalizing its guest, making room for collective experiences. Pairing the awaking and thrill, with my deep roots in home cooking and experiences abroad with family and friends, I knew wanted to contribute to home table and inspire joyous and beautiful moments with food and table stories.

What makes your creation unique?

A. We are distinctive, bold and abundant. From the sharp taste of lemon zest and the freshness of Mediterranean fruits to the aromatic fragrance of wild mountain herbs from the Mediterranean. In addition, to the complexity of indigenous spices that transport you to the trade bazaars of the Maritime Silk Road through Western Asia, Middle East to North Africa.

Tell us about your creative process.

A. Our curated infused Mediterranean Sea Salts and North African, Turkish and Middle Eastern spices are selected and sustainably sourced and made in small batches. As we build flavors and details arrived mindfully, through regional influences, travels and seasonality. While experimenting in the test kitchen and sharing our home table.

Who is your audience? How do you engage them?

A. Our customers are foodies, home cooks, travelers, gift buyers, vacation home shoppers and locally made enthusiast. We promote our retail partners and participate local pop ups and wholesale trade markets. We share our recipes and our journeys locally and abroad. We talk tabletop decor, farmers markets and capture narratives with images, film and music to share our AHMESA table.

What experience does your passion create? What can recipients expect?

A. We're inspired to take audiences on a journey tableside! On an exciting adventure of flavor, exploration, and discovery!

Where can your creations be found?

A. Incasa Decor, Astoria Gift Box and Euro Market in Astoria Queens. Fulton Install Market at South Seaport in Manhattan, The WonderMart in Greenpoint Brooklyn and online at

What is next?

A. We are excited to launch our newest product and holiday gifts for 2023.


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