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Q&A With Menelaos Plalis of Jannis S.A.

Jannis S.A, established in 1965, holds a rich heritage as one of Greece's pioneering producers of Sesame bars, deeply rooted in traditional craftsmanship and a commitment to quality. With a legacy dating back to antiquity, their signature product, the Greek pasteli, remains a beloved natural energy source, showcasing the nutritional power of sesame and honey. Over the years, Jannis has evolved its offerings to cater to diverse tastes and lifestyles, solidifying its position as a global leader in authentic Greek confectionery that seamlessly balances health and flavor.

Jannis S.A Bars
Image Source: Jannis S.A

What is your passion? Tell us about it.

A. My passion is healthy and nutritional food that is good for your body and your soul

What inspired you to persue this passion? Tell us the story.

A. Making healthier snacking accessible to all consumers and avoiding snacks that are detrimental to our health

What makes your creation unique?

A. The combination of various benefits, high-protein & fiber, 0% sugar added and without sweeteners, suitable for vegan, lactose-dairy free, low on salt, without persevatives. Unlike any other nut bars you can find in the market.

Tell us about your creative process.

A. All products are produced with great care, carefully selected ingredients, hand by hand selection, with many quality controls and above all fresh and delicious

Who is your audience? How do you engage them?

A. It is a product for the whole family, from a younger to an older age. Not tatrgeting only fitness individuals and suitable for all ages.

What experience does your passion create? What can recipients expect?

A. The recipients consume a healthier snack for any time of the day, that are nutritious, free from perservatives, fresh & healthy and at the same time delicious.

Where can your creations be found?

A. We export all around the world, in all 5 continents. Products can be found in retail shops, supermarkets, convienience stores, cafeterias, petrol stations, vending machines and etc

What is next?

A. Introducing to more and more consumers and making healthier snacking established globally


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