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Q&A with Tea Rrodhe of Bonbon France

Bonbon France, the epitome of French sweetness, is not just another confectionery haven; it's a 100% family-run gem with a century of unparalleled know-how that's been passed down through generations. This delightful company is a curator of confectionery perfection.

Image Courtesy of Bonbon France

What is your passion? Tell us about it.

A. Bonbon France brings together the most prestigious confectionery brands. Each product is of exceptional quality, thus enhancing the French know-how. Authenticity and craftsmanship are the order of the day!

What inspired you to persue this passion? Tell us the story.

A. Bonbon France is a 100% French family business located in the center of France, in Auvergne. Our brands are recognized for their taste and authenticity, the result of a century of know-how. We are very proud of the fact that our honey is produced on top of our offices. Our guideline is to offer our partners a wide choice of more than 40 flavors of 100% French Natural Hand-Crafted candies distributed in high-end point of sales as well as in pharmacies.

What makes your creation unique?

A. Bonbon France has been able to develop its own brands for many years. Brands recognized for the efficiency and their reusable products. We are thus very vigilant about their composition, based on natural products, enriched by the benefits of nature and 100% French. NATURAL PRODUCTS From fresh mint to honey from our countryside, we take particular care in selecting the natural ingredients that make up our lozenges. CRAFTSMANSHIP We share the same values with our manufacturers, SMEs or craft businesses that work to ensure the quality of our products.

Tell us about your creative process.

A. Time may pass, but our commitment to artisanal tradition endures since 1900. Our candies, prepared using copper coating pan, offer a unique flavor reminiscent of the delightful candies of yesteryear.

Who is your audience? How do you engage them?

A. We connect with a diverse audience consisting of individuals and businesses who share a mutual interest in premium, authentic, and customizable French candies. Among them are consumers who possess a discerning taste for high-quality, hand-crafted confections and who value the opportunity to invest in one-of-a-kind flavors and experiences. So, how do we effectively engage this audience? Offer Variety and Quality: At the core of our engagement strategy is the emphasis on variety and quality. We proudly showcase an extensive selection of over 40 flavors of 100% French Natural Hand-Crafted candies. Elevate the Experience: We believe in presenting our candies as more than just confections; they are an indulgent experience. Through strategic positioning in high-end point of sales and esteemed pharmacies, we capture the attention of consumers who actively seek out luxury and exclusivity. Customization Opportunities: Our engagement extends to the corporate realm. By highlighting our private label customization offer, we pique the interest of businesses. We offer them the unique opportunity to create their very own candy line, one that seamlessly aligns with their brand identity and resonates with their target audience. Partnerships: Collaboration is key to expanding our reach. By forging partnerships with high-end retail establishments, local boutiques, and influential online platforms, we ensure that our delightful creations are easily accessible to our intended audience, no matter where they are. Customer Testimonials: Trust and credibility are pivotal in our engagement journey. By sharing genuine customer testimonials and positive feedback, we not only celebrate the satisfaction of those who have savored our exquisite candies but also foster a sense of trust within our community. These authentic reviews serve as a testament to the quality and flavor that define our offerings.

What experience does your passion create? What can recipients expect?

A. Our passion brings to life a wonderful experience. When you enjoy our candies, you're taking a special journey into the world of French sweets, made with care and tradition over many years. Recipients can look forward to amazing flavors that are carefully made to make you happy. Our candies aren't just treats – they're like pieces of art, crafted with natural ingredients and a lot of skill.

Where can your creations be found?

A. In different marketplaces like: , AliBaba, Amazon, Etsy, Ankorstore, Orderchamp. You can also find your happiness at our website :

What is next?

A. Customizable Metal Boxes: We're introducing a realm of individuality, starting from small series of just 10 boxes. Get ready to infuse your brand's identity with our private label option, a canvas for your uniqueness. Uncompromising 100% Authentic French Quality: Our commitment to excellence runs deep, crafting an experience that resonates with the true essence of French craftsmanship. Choice and Creativity in Your Hands: Whether you opt for our gourmet candies or prefer a blank canvas, these exquisite boxes are ready to carry your touch of creativity. Experience our OFFSET Printing Type – a step beyond stickers.

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