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  • Lynn

This is Likely the Strongest Beer in the World!

The current strongest beer in the world, Brewmeister Snake Venom beer is 67.5% alcohol by volume 💀 Contrary to the name, it does not actually contain snake venom.

In order to concentrate the alcohol, brewer freeze the beer several times after fermenting and remove the ice crystals. Because alcohol does not freeze, only water is removed, creating a super strong, rich beer! The beer is then fortified with more alcohol. The beer is not carbonated due to the high alcohol content.

According to Man of Many contributor Jacob Osborn, "Snake Venom is a hoppy, malty, carbonated beast that tastes like a good strong beer." Others describe it as tasting similar to whiskey.

Each Snake Venom bottle features a label warning drinkers to not exceed 35ml, or 1.18 fluid ounces! That's less than the amount of one standard shot of liquor! If you're gonna try Snake Venom Beer, be extremely careful and drink responsibly!


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