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Spice Up Your Tacos with These Flavor Side Dishes

Once You Try These Sides, Tacos Will Never Look the Same Again!

Tacos, the versatile champions of handheld delights, are undoubtedly the stars of any meal. But what if we told you that there's a league of extraordinary side dishes ready to steal the spotlight and elevate your taco experience to a whole new level? Brace yourselves as we unveil the best side dishes that might just outshine those tacos!

Prepare your taste buds for a fiesta of flavors! Elote, the charismatic Mexican street corn, takes center stage with its charred perfection adorned with Cotija cheese, cilantro, and a symphony of spices. Warning: this side dish might make you forget there were tacos on the table!

Elote (Mexican Street Corn)
Elote (Mexican Street Corn) Photo: Insanely Good Eats


Meet the unsung hero of the taco world. These Mexican Black Beans are not just a side dish; they are a flavorful companion that effortlessly complements tacos, enchiladas, or any Southwest-inspired creation. Quick to make and impossible to resist – these beans are here to steal the show!


Crunch meets creativity in this twist on the classic coleslaw. What sets Mexican coleslaw apart? It ditches mayo for a zesty vinaigrette and throws in a party of ingredients like corn, black beans, avocado, jalapeño, and cilantro. Double the flavor, double the goodness – the perfect dance partner for your tacos!


This vibrant salad is the maestro of make-ahead delights. Packed with black beans, corn, avocado, and a zesty lime vinaigrette, it only gets better with time. Ideal for entertaining, this side dish is proof that good things come to those who wait.


Say goodbye to ordinary rice – Tejano Red Rice is here to steal the spotlight. With a Tex-Mex spin and a burst of color from tomatoes, carrots, peas, and corn, this traditional side dish is not just a feast for the eyes but a nutritious delight for your taco ensemble.


Move over, tacos – there's a new main contender in town. Mexican sweet potatoes, loaded with flavor from sweet potatoes, corn, black bean salsa, and a creamy cilantro dressing, are a tantalizing side dish that might just redefine your taco experience.


For those craving a healthier option, this pepper salad is a nutrient-packed delight. A colorful combination of red, yellow, and green peppers, red onion, and a tangy dressing featuring wine or champagne, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper. Top it off with Cotija or feta cheese and cilantro – a side dish that's both guilt-free and delicious.

In the world of tacos, these side dishes aren't just accompaniments – they are the unsung heroes stealing the limelight. So, the next time you assemble your taco feast, don't forget to invite these flavor-packed companions to the table. They might just be the secret ingredients that turn your meal into a culinary masterpiece!


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