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The 6 Best Wines to Drink This Fall

As the weather begins to cool down, we tend to stray away from light, crisp whites and roses and instead reach for bolder, richer reds. Lighter reds such as Pinot Noir and Grenache are ideal for the transition from summer to winter. Super bold, full-bodied wines may be too heavy for the mild weather that fall brings. Here are 6 cozy, must-try wines that harness all the flavors of fall!

This Pinot Noir has all of the flavors that you want in a fall wine: berry, spice with an earthy finish. This drinkable Pinot Noir is light enough to be enjoyed alongside hearty autumn dishes. "Layer upon layer of dark berry flavors with lingering accents of clove and forest floor make this opulent Russian River Valley Pinot Noir lush and silky from start to end...A fragrant dried rose petal and berry potpourri flows a lush, juicy entry. Darker raspberry preserve and blackberry flavors fill the midpalate, with clove and forest floor accents showing through to the finish. This wine is opulent and silky start to end, with lovely fruit and spice notes that linger on the palate." Pair with cooked meats, fish and mushrooms.


This light, sparkling red is a perfect match for your favorite comfort foods, especially rich pasta dishes. "Lini's wines are renowned for their signature freshness and classic dry character. Thanks to Fabio Lini's artisanal approach to sparkling wine production, their bright red fruit and berry flavors are balanced by juicy minerality. Their clean but lingering finish makes them an ideal pairing for a wide variety of cuisines. "

Lini 910 Labrusca Russo is off-dry with bright acidity and a tart finish. It is fruity and earthy on the palate with notes of strawberry, blackberry, and licorice. Enjoy with oysters, Italian cured meats or pasta dishes with meat sauces like lasagna.


This toasty, oak-aged Pinot Noir is light and dry. On the palate, notes of cherry, plum and sweet tobacco are followed by flavors of dark berries that finish off with subtle notes of spice and toast. Fine tannins with balanced acidity. Although light-bodied, this Pinot Noir will make you feel all warm and cozy.

La Crema Winery recommends whipping up their recipes for Bacon-wrapped Stuffed Dates or Vegan Chocolate Mousse to pair with the bold red fruit notes in the 2019 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir. Also try it with game birds, duck, veal and fish.


"Soft and inviting with balanced flavors of blueberry, raspberry, and milk chocolate and scents of fragrant violets and vanilla", this Merlot is best enjoyed with dessert, soft cheeses, or meaty pasta dishes. On the palate, it is super smooth and velvety with flavors of juicy plum, oak and black fruits with a long, chocolatey finish. Fans of this wine agree that this medium-bodied Merlot is great to sip on outdoors on a cool autumn night.


A delicious Beaujolais at a great price. Gamay wines are light in body and are great transitional wines as the seasons change. 90+ Cellars Beaujolais is an easy-drinking red that's light and refreshing but not too sweet. "Pour a glass and you’ll taste a smoothly textured red wine with flavors of fresh strawberries, blueberries and hints of wildflowers. Beaujolais is a vivacious red that’s food friendly and pairs well with everything from beef stew to butternut squash linguine with crispy sage." This wine is sure to be delicious with whatever fall dish you're eating. Whether on the warm days at the end of summer or on chilly autumn nights, 90+ Cellars Beaujolais is sure to please!


This elegant, light-bodied wine is smooth with notes of plum, strawberry and ground spice. It's dry on the palate with medium acidity. According to the producer, it has an "intense, brilliant cherry color with purplish tints. Complex nose with red and black berry aromas. A smooth wine with fine tannins, harmonious and complete. This delicious red wine marks a sort of transition between "plain" Beaujolais with a spontaneous character and the ten prestigious "crus" further north. More than any other, it is a wine that is enjoyed in happy homes." Enjoy Beaujolais-Villages alongside a cheese board appetizer at Thanksgiving or any autumn get-together and it's sure to be a conversation starter.


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