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  • Madison

The Latest TikTok Trend: Freeze-Drying Candy

TikTok is THE hub for fun food trends.

Freeze-dried candy has been popping up on the For You Page like crazy on my TikTok, and it looks delicious!

As the name implies, freeze-dried candy is made by freezing the candy at -50 degrees Fahrenheit and then placing the candy in a vacuum in order to warm it back up. This process allows the moisture in the candy to dry up, leaving behind the candy's pure sugar crystals. The result is a delightful, crunchy version of whatever candy you choose to freeze-dry, creating a unique and unexpected texture. Due to the highly concentrated flavors and sugars created by the process, freeze-dried candies have much more of an enhanced flavor profile compared to non-freeze dried.

So, which candy has been going viral for tasting even better when freeze-dried?


Check out The Freeze Dried Candy Store for their versions of freeze-dried candies called "shell shocks". They are described as light, crunchy, and delicious! I'm looking forward to trying this unique candy trend 😁


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