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The Viral Christmas Tree Snow Globe Cocktail

Get ready to sleigh your holiday party with a twist on festive drinks that'll have your guests amazed! Whether you're mixing up a batch of Santa-approved mocktails or shaking things up with a swanky cocktail, we've got a magical trick to make your beverages sparkle like never before. Move over, garnishes; it's time for a snow globe spectacle featuring a dancing "tree" (aka, a sprig of rosemary) right in the center of your glass!

This genius idea popped up on Instagram, where a creative soul turned a regular drink into a dazzling snow globe in just a few simple steps. Ready to make your own snow globe cocktail and elevate your holiday sips? Follow our step-by-step guide and discover some delightful drink ideas to pair with your mini festive tree!

Step One: Grab your fanciest holiday glass – think tall and glamorous, like a tumbler, Champagne flute, or a highball. Fill the bottom with water, about a quarter of the way up. Pro tip: Ensure your chosen glass is freezer-safe; we wouldn't want any icy mishaps!

Step Two: Select the most enchanting rosemary sprig from the bunch and place it in the glass upside down, so those little leaves mimic a Christmas tree. Want it to stand tall? Trim the bottom of the sprig or get creative with a bit of string and a toothpick to secure it in place. Let your imagination run wild!

Step Three: Pop those glasses into the freezer and let the magic happen. Leave them in for at least four hours until the water transforms into solid ice, cradling your rosemary tree like a chilly work of art. The end result? A winter wonderland in a glass!

Step Four: Now comes the fun part – filling your frosty masterpiece with your favorite holiday concoction! Opt for something clear and sparkling for the ultimate "snow globe" effect. Picture a vodka/tequila soda or a classic gin and tonic. Want to keep it non-alcoholic? Go for flavored sparkling water and still revel in the enchantment.

With this viral Christmas tree snow globe cocktail, your holiday parties are sure to be the talk of the town. Cheers to a season filled with sparkle, sips, and sprigs of rosemary magic!

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