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The Viral Hack That Makes Cutting Pineapple A Breeze

If you've ever wondered if you're eating pineapple wrong, the answer is probably yes.

The most common issue with the spiky fruit is just how the heck to cut it. There are several methods, from slicing the ends off and removing the skin, to cutting the fruit in half and scooping out the flesh. Sure, these methods are all fine and good, but thanks to Instagram, we have a new, more interesting way to serve up individual slices!

Instagram user Wayne Shen shared a unique pineapple-cutting video that is sure to help you eat your pineapple like a pro.

The video starts off pretty typical, with the pineapple's crown and bottom being cut off. Next, the pineapple is sliced in half the long way. With the cut side down, several angled cuts are made diagonally, in line with the spiky sections of the fruit. Then the pineapple is turned 90 degrees, sliced again, and there you have it - Several perfectly sliced pineapple spears complete with skin for holding, so you don't get sticky fingers!


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