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This Spicy-Sweet Salad is Pure Culinary Genius

In search of a new summer salad recipe? Look no further, there is so much to love about this mouthwatering recipe!

TikTok content creator @mutammara shares his exceptionally delicious summer salad recipe with sweet apple, refreshing cucumber, tangy lime, and spicy serrano pepper.

In this recipe, he uses finely diced apples and a cucumber. He instructs to dice them small enough for them to be eaten with a spoon. He explains that he's also going to use the juice from three limes because he's using three apples, this 1:1 ratio is what he's found that works best! Finally, he adds in the serrano pepper - he warns against using too much as it may ruin the salad. However, if you love heat, add the whole pepper!

If you're looking for more of a salty twist, you can use Tajin to season it, but @mutammara explains he avoids that ingredient because he prefers the spice of the pepper without the salt from the seasoning.

This recipe is so tasty and super addicting, give it a try and you'll be impressed!


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