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Velveeta's Golden Surprise: From Cheese to Chic Hair Dye

April Fools' Day might be behind us, but the surprises keep rolling in, and this time it's not just a prank. Brace yourself because Velveeta, yes, the iconic cheese brand, has just unveiled its latest venture: Velveeta Gold, a hair dye that promises to add a splash of boldness to your locks.

Velveeta Hair Dye
Photo: Velveeta

In a move that left many scratching their heads in disbelief, Velveeta took a leap into the personal care realm with the launch of Velveeta Gold. "La Dolce Velveeta is a lifestyle — always confident and forever in service of living by your own rules," said Stephanie Vance, the brand manager for Velveeta, highlighting the brand's commitment to individuality and self-expression. (According to Food&Wine)

But wait, it gets even more intriguing. The face of this cheesy hair transformation? None other than Julia Fox, the ultimate muse, who flaunted the vibrant gold hue at a recent Knicks game in New York City. According to John Novotny, Fox's hairstylist, the color is akin to "a warm sunny day or a delicious bowl of mac and cheese," radiating warmth and vibrancy.

Julia Fox debuted Velveeta's limited-release hair dye at the March 31 Knicks game in New York City
Julia Fox debuted Velveeta's limited-release hair dye at the March 31 Knicks game in New York City. Photo: VELVEETA

Now, you might be wondering, is this for real? Well, Velveeta seems to be dead serious. The semi-permanent hair dye is exclusively available on Amazon, adding an extra layer of surrealism to the whole affair. A four-ounce jar, priced at a modest $7.50, promises to cover a head of short hair, offering a budget-friendly option for those daring enough to try.

But here's the catch: just like the fleeting delight of indulging in a Velveeta cheese loaf, Velveeta Gold is only here for a limited time. So if you've ever dreamed of rocking a shade reminiscent of your favorite cheesy indulgence, now might be the perfect moment to seize the opportunity.


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