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Vodka Butter - Is It Actually Infused With Vodka?

Commonly used in Italian-inspired pasta sauces, vodka can boost the aroma of your delicious creamy tomato sauce while bringing all of its physical elements of it together as an emulsifier. You can also use vodka in a meat marinade or as a tool for extra flaky pastries!

But what about vodka butter? Liquor that packs a punch paired with the smooth, easy flavor of butter sounds like a culinary mistake. However, vodka butter brings out a delicate, robust flavor that can enhance your everyday recipes! But is it really just vodka and butter?

Yep, it's just as straightforward as it seems!

Vodka butter is making its way across social media thanks to TikTok creator and chef Carolina Gelen. She recently shared her vodka butter recipe on TikTok using 2 simple ingredients - vodka and butter. She starts by combining a stick of unsalted butter with a few unmeasured shots of vodka in a food processor before giving it a go. That's literally all it takes to make vodka butter!

Vodka butter will add a subtle kick to the soft flavor of butter and can work well in pasta sauces, paired with meat and cheese, cooked with fish, or if you're like Carolina Gelen, in a creamy bean dish or served with anchovies on toast!

Just remember the better the quality of vodka, the better the quality the butter. Since you're not cooking out the alcohol as you would with a traditional vodka pasta sauce, it's essential to buy high-quality vodka that doesn't compromise on flavor.


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