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Vodka + Tequila = Vodquila?!

Get your National Tequila Day celebration started by mixing it with vodka!

As if downing shots of tequila wasn't disastrous enough, Red Eye Louie's has created Vodquila, a blend of vodka and tequila. Red Eye Louie's website states that with Vodquila, "you never have to choose, never have to compromise. It’s the perfect blend of smooth vodka for your refined side combined with just the right amount of tequila naughtiness to fuel your wild side." Vodquila is 40% ABV. If you're not daring enough to shoot Vodquila, try one of these cocktails, created by Red Eye Louie's!

Vodquila Seabreeze


  • 1.5 oz Vodquila

  • 4 oz cranberry juice

  • .5 oz ruby red grapefruit juice

  • lime wedge

Shake all ingredients together in ice shaker, strain in a Collins glass over ice, garnish with lime wedge.

Red Eye Louie's


  • 2 oz Vodquila

  • 3 oz cranberry juice

  • lime cordial

  • black olives

  • lime wedge

Fill glass with ice, pour Vodquila, add cranberry juice and cordial, stir, garnish with black olives and a lime wedge.

Red Eye Louie's whole mission is to blend two liquors that are typically not enjoyed together to create "an unexpected, yet surprisingly satisfying result". In addition to Vodquila, they make Whisquila (Whiskey and Tequila) and Rumquila (Rum and Tequila). Would you try these?!

As always, drink responsibly!

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